WWOC 03: Police Car

Kalah Considine

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Naperville women have broken many barriers as first responders. Kalah Considine was one of the first female police officers when she joined the Naperville Police Department in 1977. She became dispatcher for the City’s electric department in 1983 and was promoted to chief dispatcher in 1999. In 2011, she assumed the role of Emergency Communications Manager. On the eve of her retirement in 2019, she was named the Telecommuter of the Year.

Kathleen Anderson was the first woman appointed deputy chief of the Naperville Police Department in 2018. She was a proud 25-year veteran of the force. Her years included positions as field training officer, youth investigator, patrol, training sergeant, school resource officer, and head of the youth investigators and social services unit.

The lives of Naperville policewomen were broadcast to the nation in the 2008 Biography series Female Forces