175. Martin Mitchell Mansion: “Caroline Martin Mitchell” Song

The song “Caroline Martin Mitchell” by contemporary songwriter Amy Lowe tells the story of the Martin family: George Martin the Second in 1833 Came to Naper’s Settlement, invested time and energy He mined limestone quarries, filled a niche Raised four children and the quarries made him rich In 1871 after the Great Chicago Fire, With Ernst Von Oven his fortunes grew higher Together they built the Naperville Tile & Brick Works Made a fortune off Chicago’s reconstruction work and Furnished foundations much of Naperville rests upon George Martin the Second’s legacy lives on In 1883 he built the Martin Mansion Called it “Pinecraig” after pine trees his daughters planted After his death the family business carried on The only child to ever marry was his daughter Caroline (Carrie) She wanted the Martin legacy to live on beyond their days Childless and a widow all of her family passed away She donated to the city (when she died age 72) Pinecraig and 212 acres to be used for public use On that land today stands Naper Settlement Sledding hill, a high school and paddle boats to rent Boy Scout camp, Riverwalk just to name a few Centennial Beach, Knoch Park Caroline Martin Mitchell Naperville thanks you