132. Copenhagen Schoolhouse: Naper Academy

Painting of Naper Academy building by Les Shrader
"Naper Academy" by Les Schrader, 20th century
“Eliza when in mischief was sometimes put into the woodbox. There were knotholes through which she used to peep out and throw woodchips.” Hannah Ditzler Alspaugh remembered the punishment her friend Eliza received while they were both students at Naper Academy. Hannah and Eliza were among the first students to attend the new school, which opened in 1850. Hannah later taught in the school, where as many as 87 students gathered in her classroom before new schools were built. Schools shared the rules of conduct: respect your school teacher; obey and accept your punishment. Conduct was valued as much as academic achievement. The method of punishment was up to the teacher—it wasn’t unusual to stand a misbehaving student in the corner, or deliver a swift strike from a branch.